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Women's Cardigan in Canada | Saint James & Dale of Norway

Like many warm women's clothing of the time, the women's cardigan was historically designed entirely of spun wool. Several high-end clothing brands such as Dale of Norway and Saint James still have their respective winning recipes and offer, even today, cardigans of Norwegian or merino wool of first quality that will, without a doubt, continue to last in time.

Photo cardigans Dale of Norway
Image source: Dale of Norway.

Dale of Norway: The Norwegian cardigan in wool for women

The flagship products of the Dale of Norway brand are made entirely of Norwegian wool (light and very durable), while others are made of luxury merino wool (soft and supple). Each Dale of Norway product is designed with a material suitable for its use. Most Norwegian cardigans are made of 100% soft merino wool, soft to the touch, excessively lightened and practically without pilling.

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It is not uncommon to see the Norwegian-style wool sweater, in Canada as in many other Nordic countries, highlighted in daily winter outdoor activities: downhill skiing, cross-country skiing, tobogganing or, again, a simple afternoon in a cottage!

Photo cardigan for women Dale of Norway
Image source: Dale of Norway.

Cardigans made in an environment and with responsible and sustainable materials

Norwegian wool is one of the most environmentally friendly fibres on the planet when suppliers respect the welfare of animals. Dale of Norway carefully selects its responsible and sustainable wool suppliers according to the highest criteria. Added to this wise choice, Dale of Norway, whose factory is located in Dale, Norway, has used, since its foundation in 1879, only hydroelectric power to manufacture their products.

Saint James: The marine cardigan for women

Following a marine style, the cardigan for women of the French brand Saint James puts forward, sometimes a rounder neckline or the famous lines reminiscent of their well-known Breton striped sweater who still makes the fame of Saint James clothes for women. Pair a plain cardigan with a Saint James striped t-shirt for women to create the perfect marine-style outfit.

The diverse styles of Saint James women's cardigans will allow all women to find a timeless and durable garment that will live up to the expectations of this French brand's reputation.

The materials of the Saint James cardigan for women 

The Saint James women's cardigans always follow the know-how acquired over the years of this iconic French company. However, the company has been able to expand the materials used in a few cardigan models. According to the different models of Saint James women's cardigans, some are made of wool (100% or an alloy with other textiles such as acrylic), while others are made of cotton or linen.

Don't worry! Saint James cardigan 100% natural wool of superior quality lovers will always find a product meeting their expectations.

Saint James cardigan photo design
Image source: Saint James.

The marine cardigan zipped or buttoned for women

Although the cardigan for women can sometimes have accessories (hoods, decorative buttons, etc.), the type of closure on the front of the cardigan can dictate its use. Sometimes zippered (single or two-way) or buttoned, one of the many Saint James cardigans for women will be able to meet your need.

The collar type used on a cardigan also says a lot about the intended use of classic clothing. A cardigan with a prominent collar gives you a reason to wear it on a boat or by the sea because it can be raised higher at the neck to protect it from the cold caused by the high winds.

The cardigan for women with zipper

The Saint James cardigan with a zipper is perhaps more conducive to a more urban-looking accoutrement, but it is above all a must-have piece to assume a casual chic outfit. While it is usually thicker, this cardigan is maybe more dedicated to being used as a jacket than under another outer layer garment.

The cardigan for women with buttoning

More classic and timeless, the Saint James buttoned cardigan sometimes presents buttoning as an ornament, an accessory in itself. Easily pair it with a skirt or casual jeans according to the look you want to create. The button cardigan, especially in a solid colour, can also be combined with a printed t-shirt to create a rocking look!

The long cardigan for women

Sometimes buttoned or sometimes zippered (single or double-direction), the cardigan for women is usually short, featuring a feminine cut. However, Dale of Norway and Saint James are happy to create some long and larger cardigan models, such as the Ingeborg Women's long cardigan.

Photo of Saint James women's long cardigan
Image source: Saint James.

Usually made entirely of wool by both Dale of Norway and Saint James, the long cardigan is appreciated by women of all sizes. Its cut is wider than the more traditional cardigans while maintaining a very feminine touch that, regardless of the colour selected, exudes a well-noticed elegance due to its originality.

Discover the cardigan Dale of Norway and Saint James for women

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