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Wool sweater in Canada | Saint James & Dale of Norway

Today, many agree that the wool sweater is perfect for creating a modern look while remaining casual. For more official evenings, the wool sweater can also be worn, for example, over a shirt for both men and women to bring out an elegant collar and even, perhaps, the knot of a tie.

Dale of Norway men's wool sweater photo
 Image source: Dale of Norway.

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Saint James and Dale of Norway wool sweaters
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The Saint James marine wool sweater

Proud of its coastal origins in the west of France, the Saint James marine sweater retains its authenticity by creating today's knitwear entirely or partially made of natural wool, depending on the model.  Since 2020, Saint James has been able to join the Tricolor collective to promote natural French wool with their high-end clothing.

Photo of Mont Saint Michel sheep providing wool for Saint James products
Image source: Saint James.

The Saint James striped marine sweater

Saint James Breton striped sweater, both for men and women, is intended to be a garment perhaps more elegant, even aristocratic, given the noble history that accompanies it. As early as 1889, in Saint James, France, the company that would later become the recognized Saint James brand® of today specialized particularly in workwear for sailors. Indeed, Saint James was born of marine sweaters made entirely of wool to meet the high demand caused by the obligation to wear striped knitting for sailors and quartermasters of the French army of Napoleon III.

Thus, benefiting from a strong link with the military marine corps of yesteryear, the stripes of this warm and waterproof wool garment still have a close link today both with the nobility and with the sea and the ocean. After more than 130 years in the manufacture of wool sweaters, Saint James holds a long past with this natural material. Saint James continues to honour its history with its current wool sweaters.

Photo of Saint James sweaters for men and women
Image source: Saint James.

The Dale of Norway wool sweater

The Norwegian Dale of Norway sweater comes from a process that is; as effective as it is interesting: see how the Dale of Norway wool sweater is made. For each creation of a new wool sweater, many experts located in the village of Dale in Norway focus on adapting the materials and different traditional design elements (patterns) to this sweater which must correspond to modern trends and the demands of the current customer.

The quality of Norwegian wool is indisputable. This wool from the country of Norway was, over time, used for the manufacture of traditional clothing since the 400s. Dale of Norway's long history with wool means that it has been able to explore and implement innovations relating to the use of this ancient natural fibre that is still just as versatile today.

Dale of Norway « Woolmark » label

To highlight these innovations, Dale of Norway has developed their in-house certification seal that their employees now carefully affix to wool sweaters designed per the company's expectations: the "Woolmark" label. Despite the investments, research and developments that several other companies are putting in place to create a quality synthetic fibre, none of these fibres seems to present all the characteristics of natural wool.

The popularity of the Dale of Norway brand increased over the years, which requires a higher volume of manufacture of different wool garments. On the other hand, this increase in production will never be at the expense of the quality of the products. That is why the mention "Woolmark" can be found on their knit sweaters, which are designed with 100% top-quality wool yarn.

Norwegian wool versus classic merino wool

Contrary to several beliefs (which go way back!), Norwegian wool is not necessarily less soft than, say, merino wool (french only), known for its flexibility and almost legendary softness.

The know-how of the craftsman, or manufacturer, of this Norwegian wool, is the key. Brands like Dale of Norway use world-renowned wool manufacturing processes. Norwegian wool, created by Dale of Norway, has thus been able to reach, according to many, the pinnacle of natural wool by taking advantage of both the softness of merino wool while being much more resistant and durable.

Photo of Dale of Norway sweaters for women and men
Image source: Dale of Norway.

Why the wool sweater for Northern activities?

Many are surprised to see some people from the Nordic countries (Canada, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, etc.) wearing wool sweaters both in the outer layer and in clothing in direct contact with the skin.

Whether it is merino or Norwegian quality, the wool used in most Dale of Norway men's or women's sweaters offers the advantage of keeping you warm without making you sweat. The wool fibres are hydrophilic, which means they can absorb up to 35% of their weight in moisture without becoming wet to the touch. As soon as the humidity level decreases, this wool releases the accumulated moisture without losing its effectiveness. In addition, merino wool also holds so-called antibacterial properties. Which makes this type of wool manages to neutralize odours by itself!

Discover Saint James and Dale of Norway wool sweaters

Free shipping for 
Saint James and Dale of Norway wool sweaters
in Canada

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