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Find in our Dale of Norway Concept Store the complete collection of Norwegian-style sweaters and accessories. Manufactured in Norway, they can be worn for sports, after-ski, or work. They are perfect for urban life or at the mountain chalet. Since these jerseys are known to last a long time, designers have adapted typical Norwegian patterns to a modern style which, even if it evolves from year to year, remains timeless and classic.


Inspired by

The village of Dale is nestled between beautiful and steep mountains, waterfalls and fjords on the west coast of Norway. In 1879, the historic textile mill was established in this valley offering easy access to wool, exceptional knitting traditions, as well as the natural power of local waterfalls. Since then, Dale of Norway has developed beautiful, high quality knitwear that is known all over the world.

Welcome to the world of Dale of Norway!

Wool expertise

Wool, an unrivaled
natural fiber

Wool is fashionable because of its exceptional properties that no synthetic fiber can match. It has great insulating abilities, it breathes, wicks moisture away from the body, and is odor resistant. It is an all natural fiber! Over the past 135 years, Dale of Norway has become an innovative leader in new wool qualities. Norwegian wool is also one of the most environmentally friendly textile fibers on the planet. It is respectful of animal welfare due to the natural mountain life of sheep.

High quality clothing

Top of the line
and sustainable

The Dale of Norway collections are designed with different types of wool adapted to each product. Norwegian wool is known for its exceptional durable quality and attractive look. Dale of Norway also offers a wide range of luxury Merino wool sweaters and jackets, using only the highest qualities of Merino. These light and flexible garments can be worn next to the skin without discomfort, all year round. With unique knitting techniques, Dale of Norway products are known for their superior, long-lasting quality and they are virtually pill-free.

Made in Norway, since 1879!

Due to the cold winters, Norway has a long tradition for wool and knitwear. The beautiful patterns have mostly been inspired by nature or history. Over the past 135 years, Dale of Norway has developed its own famous designs, and redesigned age-old Norwegian patterns, turning them into garments for fashion and sport with an authentic history. That’s why Dale of Norway offers “more than a sweater...
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